Thoughts on Being a New Father

So, my son was born last month.  It's hard to put into words everything that that entails, from the emotions - excitement, fear, triumph, love, anxiety, peace - to the practical aspects - the lack of sleep, changing a million diapers, holding him for hours when he won't sleep, getting shat on, and so much more.

One thing it does is shift your priorities in a big way.  I'm more efficient now that I ever have been in my life.  

I recently had a conversation with a friend that went something like this:

Her:  My husband plays video games all the time.  What should I do?

Me:  Have a baby. 

Now, most of my video game playing days are behind me as I grew out of my 20s, but prior to having a baby, I was still pretty inefficient.  Whether it was checking Facebook constantly,  reading gaming forums for games I don't even play anymore, watching movies, or whatever, I often sought out entertainment for entertainment's sake, rather than being as productive as possible.

Not so (well, as much, anyway) anymore.  Having a newborn means every moment of free time you can get is precious.  In a single moment, all the things that were least important in my life just sort of evaporated.

It's a good feeling.  I'm tired, weary, and for every item I scratch off my "To Do" lists, I add two more.  But in a weird way, I'm more productive than I've ever been.

Welcome to the world, buddy.  It's pretty cool out here.