40 Days Left (My Blasphemous Thought For the Week)

So, if you read part one of my weight loss blog entry, you know that I'm currently on a medically supervised weight loss program, which, I won't lie, can be pretty grueling.  In day to day life I'm pretty calm and laid back, so it's a new and rather unpleasant experience for me to be going from the euphoria of losing 50 pounds in seven weeks, to the intense frustration of not being able to use one of the primary methods of stress relief, primary sources of pleasure and entertainment, and primary methods of socializing (that would be food - tasty, delicious, ever-present food). 

I played poker professionally for awhile.  This lends itself to tracking numbers quickly, which means I often spontaneously think things like "164 shakes left until I can eat a vegetable."  (forty full days of shakes, plus three more on the day I get said vegetables, plus the one I still have left today.)

This number - 40 days - got me thinking.  

" Hey, I've made it 44 days so far with no food!  Hell, even Jesus only went 40."  


Okay, we're done here.