Serialization, KDP Select, and Getting Readers

As a newly published author, I have to confess I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing.  I have to try a bunch of different things and see what works and what doesn't.  The newest step in this experiment is one that's come recommended to me in a few different places:  Putting PETTY on KDP Select. 

I've hesitated doing it so far because while a lot of internet marketing is of the variety of not having much downside, enrolling in KDP select does.  But it's also got some solid perks as well, so we'll give it a try. 

The good:

- If you have a KDP Select account, you can now access PETTY through that service for free

- Significant boost in potential readers and royalties

- Streamlined marketing in terms of free book giveaways and sales through Amazon

That's a lot of upside.  Particularly being able to manage things like free ebook giveaways and sales with just a few clicks is a huge boon.   Createspace has made publishing a book incredibly easy to do, and KDP gives the same treatment to the e-book version, which is fantastic. 

The bad:

- the KDP Select exclusivity clause 

- the discontinuation of the serialization on this (or any other) website)

- no planned release for Nook, Google Play, Kobo, or other digital formats

This bums me out.  I like serializing my novel here.  I like giving people as many ways as possible to read my book.  For future books, a more widespread release might be the way to go.  

Unfortunately, the reality is that, well, releasing on multiple formats is a hassle.  KDP has made it simple, but other formats are just behind.  At some point, it's tough to justify pouring hours into tinkering with getting the e-book into less popular formats, especially when going through Amazon is a viable option. 

So for now, I'm giving KDP Select a shot.  It's not permanent - I can pull the plug at any point if I want and go back to what I was doing before.  If anyone has a strong opinion on it, let me know.  I'm committed to doing whatever gets the book in front of the most people.