My Internet Works. This Shouldn't Be Surprising, But It Is.

I'm pretty disappointed. 

When the first technician showed up to install my internet after we moved, it didn't work out.  The cable was too short.  It happens.  He's just the install tech; I need a repair crew.

When the second guy comes out to confirm they needed to send out a repair crew, I couldn't help but feel it was a bit redundant. 

When the third guy showed up and informed me he was a technician and not the repair crew, I was upset. 

When the fourth guy showed up and was, once again, and install tech and not the repair crew, I thought it was funny. 

When the fifth installation tech was once again sent out sans repair crew, I was pretty disappointed.  I thought,  "this story is absurd, but now it's getting so long there's no pithy way to tell it."

So I'll skip to the punchline:  A total of seven installation technicians were sent to my house over the course of a month, before the right crew was finally sent.  SEVEN.  We considered getting them birthday cakes with the number on them, by the end. 

So, yeah.  When I moved, I didn't think I'd disappear off the face of the internet for an entire month.  Sorry about that.  Business as usual starts tomorrow.

And Rogers, I'd tell you you need to get your shit together, but you already know that you don't need to get your shit together, because yay for telecommunications monopolies.  Looking forward to shitty service and high prices forever, thanks.